Dear School Community,

I hope you have all started the new Persian year well and are enjoying the warm weather.

I asked some of my colleagues what they personally associate with spring or early summer and the most common answers were “finally being outside again”, “better mood” and “blooming trees”. I can only agree with all three answers and so DBST also uses the springtime for numerous activities outside the school campus. For example, the teachers’ trip that took place last month, numerous class trips of the elementary school or the “Model United Nations” conference in Budapest in mid-April, in which students of grades 10 and 11 participated and represented the country of Austria.

Also in the next weeks some wonderful and enormously important events are waiting for us: the oral Abitur in Istanbul and the following Abitur ceremony in Tehran, the PYP-Exhibition, spring concerts, the class trips of class 10 and 11 to Berlin and soon our annual summer festival.

Certainly, our school as a whole is facing major changes in the coming months and these are by no means easy or problem-free to cope with. However, it is important to remain optimistic and remember that our highest priority is the students of DBST. The goal is to continue to provide them with a regular and carefree school day in the years to come and to keep the school gates open. I am sure that this will be the endeavor of all stakeholders and that the upcoming challenges can be mastered in this way.


I wish you all a good start into the last nine weeks of this school year and hope that we can concentrate on our real core business “school”. I would like to thank the entire school community for all the support we have received over the last few months, and I sincerely hope that early summer holds many good things in store for us.

Best regards,

Nuschin Omidi, Headmaster