Iran is a country with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and warm and welcoming people. Living in Iran can be a unique and enriching experience, with opportunities to explore its history, art, and cuisine, as well as to connect with its friendly and hospitable locals

One of the most striking features of Iran is its architecture. The country boasts an impressive array of historical sites and monuments, including ancient palaces, mosques, and bazaars, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. The intricate designs and decorative elements of these buildings reflect Iran’s long and complex history, spanning over 2,500 years.

Iran also offers a variety of natural landscapes, from the towering peaks of the Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges to the lush forests of the north and the deserts of the south. There are also many beautiful beaches along the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Iranian cuisine is another highlight of living in Iran. From aromatic stews and kebabs to sweet pastries and refreshing drinks, Iranian food is both delicious and diverse. One of the most popular dishes is Chelo Kebab, which consists of succulent grilled meat served with fluffy rice and various accompaniments such as fresh herbs, grilled tomatoes, and yogurt.

Iran is a safe and welcoming country, and its people are renowned for their hospitality. Visitors and expats alike are often surprised by the warmth and friendliness of Iranians, who are eager to share their culture and traditions with newcomers

Overall, living in Iran can be a rewarding and memorable experience, offering the chance to immerse oneself in a rich and ancient culture, meet friendly locals, and explore stunning natural landscapes. Despite some challenges, those who take the time to understand and appreciate Iran’s unique character are likely to find it a welcoming and enriching place to call home.