Registration of a new student in the German section:

Please call the office at the following numbers to inquire about new student registration information. +982122637318, +982122604902-3.

During the first call, the date of birth will be checked; the cut-off date is September 1.

To enroll in kindergarten, the child must be 3 years old.

The secretary's office requests that the passport copy be sent by email. After receiving the passport copy, the secretary will email the registration form back to you, asking you to fill it out in detail and email it back to the secretary with your passport copies, as well as report cards (from GS).

All documents will be submitted to the principal. The principal will then decide if the student will be admitted and in which class the student will be placed. You will then be informed of the principal's decision by phone/email.

Important points to consider when making an admission:

What is the child's nationality? If it is only Iranian nationality, admission is only possible in kindergarten/preschool. The only exception is if you can present a permit from the Iranian Office of Schools Abroad or submit an application for admission to the school board.

Does the child speak German?  -Mastery of the German language is not required for admission to kindergarten only.

In individual cases, children (from GS) must take a German language test.

If all the above points apply to the student, an admission interview with the principal will take place, at which the child and both parents must be present.

The enrollment fee of 1000 € must be paid before the 1st day of school in the accounting department / Saman Bank / Deutsche Bank and the receipt must be handed in to the administration.

After the secretary has entered the new student into the system and made a copy of the student code, the accounting department will be informed about the new enrollment and can prepare the invoice based on it.

You will receive the following documents from the administration after the meeting with the school administration:

- General School Information

- Bus registration & rules     

- DBST CampusCard Terms of Use

- Earthquake Form

- House Rules

- Emergency Form

- Fee Schedule

- School Regulations

- School hours



Registration in the INTERNATIONAL SECTION:

Parents are asked to send an email including the child and the parents’ passport copies.

For primary and secondary students the report cards of the last two years are needed.

  • Students need to have non-Iranian nationality to be enrolled in the school (non-Iranian nationality is not mandatory for kindergarten)
  • Regarding students whose father is Iranian, a permission from Ministry of Education of Iran is needed.
  • The minimum age of the child for kindergarten has to be 3 by September 1st.
  • After sending documents, parents will receive an email from the school administration including the registration form. They are asked to fill out the form digitally and send it back via email. After receiving the forms an assessment test with the cost of 250 Euro will be set for the child. The admission depends on the result of the assessment test. If the result is positive parents will receive an email regarding a date for the final interview with the principal and head of International Section. If it is negative, parents will receive a rejection email or call.
  • Parents are asked to pay the 1000 Euro registration fee right after the final interview in Saman bank, Gholhak branch and send the receipt to the school administration or accounting.

For further questions do not hesitate to contact the school administration through email or school phone numbers.

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