Registration of a new student (German Section/DA)

  • The parents will receive the registration via email after contacting administration and they are asked to fill it out accurately.

    Needed documents per email are:
    Passport copies of parents and the child
    Report cards (From Grundschule (Primary))
    Photos of the child/ren and the parents

    The documents will be printed out and handed over to the principal of the school in order to check if they can be invited for the interview. If yes, the parents will be informed via email about the fees and the appointment which is set by administration based on the given times of the principal. If not, they are not admitted to attend the school.
  • Registration requirements
    • Kindergarten/ Pre-Primary:
      The minimum age of the child has to be 3 by September 1st.
    • Regardless of his or her nationality

Only foreign nationalities (The nationality of the student is counted)
If the father has an Iranian nationality: Registration is not possible except: Allowance of the Ministry of Education of Iran.

Language Skills:

Kindergarten/ Pre-Primary/ Primary + Secondary I+II

Only in the Kindergarten is it not mandatory to have German language skills.

In specific cases the children must pass a German assessment test before the Primary.

The registration fee of 1000 Euros needs to be paid before the first day of school in Saman Bank, Gholhak branch. The parents should send the payment receipt via email asap.

For further questions don't hesitate to contact the secretary.

+98-21 22604902 or +98-21 22604903

Please note: The final decision about the admission is exclusively subject to the principal.


(International Section/IS)

Parents are asked to send an email including the child and the parents’ passport copies.

For primary and secondary students the report cards of the last two years are needed.

  • Students need to have non-Iranian nationality to be enrolled in the school (non-Iranian nationality is not mandatory for kindergarten)
  • Regarding students whose father is Iranian, a permission from Ministry of Education of Iran is needed.
  • The minimum age of the child for kindergarten has to be 3 by September 1st.
  • After sending documents, parents will receive an email from the school administration including the registration form. They are asked to fill out the form digitally and send it back via email. After receiving the forms an assessment test with the cost of 250 Euro will be set for the child. The admission depends on the result of the assessment test. If the result is positive parents will receive an email regarding a date for the final interview with the principal and head of International Section. If it is negative, parents will receive a rejection email or call.
  • Parents are asked to pay the 1000 Euro registration fee right after the final interview in Saman bank, Gholhak branch and send the receipt to the school administration or accounting.

For further questions do not hesitate to contact the school administration through email or school phone numbers.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+98-21 22604902-3