The recreation room of the DBST

It represents a space based on the basic principles of openness, voluntariness and participation, as well as help for self-help, as it is also offered in Germany in the open children and youth work.

The space will be fair to the whole school, as the offer is open to all students. The children and young people will be brought together under the principles mentioned above in order to grow into a community.

Possibilities and scope of action of the recreation pedagogue:

The recreation educator is a link between teaching staff and students.

The goals of the recreation educator are:

Experience and learning in social processes

Development of new approaches to problem solving through reflection and modification of the structures of action outside of the daily school routine.

Acceptance of own limitations

Implementation of the experiences made in a secured environment

Alternative worlds of experience, to the media-determined world of consumption.

Furthermore, individual pedagogical measures are to be mentioned as areas of action; these act as de-escalation and crisis overcoming for the student at school. Here the leisure time pedagogue sees himself above all as a reference pedagogue.

!!Because of Corona there is no recreational program at the moment!!