So it says in an old folk song. Now it's true because the swallows have returned from their winter quarters last week. Obviously, they don't care about the ban on flying. A bit of normality in this very crazy world at the moment. Our everyday life is currently far from the usual routine. That is why we stick to rituals.

These keep us grounded. We used to read a story to our children to fall asleep, sometimes it became two or three stories. Today it is the daily walk with grandma and her walker or the extensive long breakfast at the weekend. Unfortunately, there is always a great risk of becoming sluggish and lazy during such times. It is getting harder to get up. The lawn is mowed and the DVD collection sorted. But what about the phone book?

I have started to contact people with whom I have not spoken in a long time. The conversations turn into hours and many memories are revived.Unfortunately, people tend to feel bad too quickly and always give priority to the negative points. But we need moments of happiness because they contribute significantly to health. Slowly enjoying a piece of chocolate without a guilty conscience can be such a happy moment. Do something good for yourself. Love yourself, then others can like you.

Therefore, stay healthy and eat chocolate!