"Put something on your feet and put on a hat child, or you will get sick"

We all know this sentence very well. Most of the time we made a comment on this like: "I'm not cold at all" but still get our thick stockings. Unfortunately, just wearing thick clothes is no longer sufficient.

It is more about staying away from social relationships and contacts. A virus called Corona taught us the so-called “social distancing”. We have to stay at home and we are not allowed to meet or visit anyone.

Everyone knows, that humans are herd animals and loneliness makes them sick. Suddenly, the filled refrigerator takes on a whole new meaning and my husband even learns that housework doesn't hurt.

In spite of everything, it is important to find common ground, to not become sluggish. That also means movement. To take a walk alone for half an hour a day with the loved music in your ear, or as a couple. There is no risk of infection. We sit together and play cards more and more often.

The winner can choose a DVD or wish a meal that will be cooked together, for instance. Communication is also important during these times. Everyone has different thoughts and to exchange them is necessary.

My daughter has learned how great it is to make calls and grandma can now skype. I just think, we have to take care of our souls too and it is only possible to stay healthy if we are not lonely. Therefore, we now have to turn off the TVs and bring old photo albums out. Great stories will come out of them.

In that sense, stay healthy everyone, physically and mentally!