Good Food, Good Performance, Good Feeling

A healthy diet is important for everyone. Awareness of this can already be raised at school.

A shared lunch and good school meals are a matter of course at DBST. Children and young people should eat and drink consciously. A balanced and healthy diet plays a major role in this.

This does not only mean that everyone gets a healthy and tasty meal. It is also part of the pedagogical requirement that the students take responsibility for serving the meals and that table culture and the social community experience of eating together are practiced and learned to appreciate.

Our light-flooded, spacious and cozy cafeteria offers plenty of room for students and teachers to enjoy their lunch together.

Every day, our trained kitchen team cooks fresh and multicultural food for the entire school, trying to make it as tasty as possible for every age group from 3 to 60.

The food pyramid is a simple and everyday system that everyone can use to check and optimize their eating habits.

Our school kitchen tries to follow it as closely as possible.

But what do we pay special attention to?

      1. cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen

      2. fresh ingredients every day

      3. little fat and sugar

      4. more carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins

      5. allergy friendly

      6. vegetarian dish every day

      7. varied diet

      8. filtered water (plastic free school)