Crises are also opportunities.

We are in a crisis. The school is closed, but we are not alone in this crisis. We have strong partners within the network of German schools abroad.

In the meantime, we have official confirmation from the authorities in Germany that digital teaching completely replaces classroom  teaching. In digital lessons, too, we  need  at  least 180 school days so that we can issue valid certificates at the end of the school year.

Participation in the online classes is a prerequisite for successfully passing the grade.

Those who are sick or who are temporarily unable to attend classes for other reasons that are not their own fault must notify the teachers as usual or apply for a leave of absence.

The dates for the central Exams in grade 10, the language diploma exams  of  the  Conference of Ministers of Education (DSD-1) and the oral Abitur exams have been postponed. Closing the school should not result in any disadvantage for our students.

We have all learned a lot in the past few weeks. The teachers have shown themselves to be very flexible, resilient and committed. Special thanks and appreciation to them. Parents are also particularly challenged. Thank you for your support to make the online lessons work. It is also a great challenge for the students: they have to apply self discipline and organize the lessons without their class community. The children are doing great!

Invisible pathogens have caused our school and many schools around the world to close. We are very happy that all members of the school family have been healthy so far and hope that it stays that way. The next few weeks will show how it will continue. We will respond flexibility to the situation and adapt. Let us take care of each other!

I wish you all relaxing days during the Nowruz Holidays and may the new Persian year be a healthy year for all of us.

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                     Harald Pröm, StD
                     Schulleiter - Principal
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