Welcome to the Primary School of the German Embassy School Tehran. Our dedicated elementary school team works together to ensure that your children can develop optimally, that they are supported and challenged according to their abilities, and that they acquire solid basic skills for a successful start to secondary school. In order to promote the language skills of our students individually, we use differentiated learning and support concepts, which we constantly evaluate and develop further. In addition to the development of subject and methodological skills, we place great emphasis on the children's development into independent and self-confident learners.

We look forward to meeting your children and to working with you.

Small, manageable classes are a characteristic of the German School. The diversity of mother tongues in the elementary school is taken into account with special support programs in German (German as a second language, reading and spelling training). Great importance is attached to social learning in order to make it easier for new children to get started and to educate the students to be tolerant and peaceful with each other.

Regular physical education classes in the hall and exercise breaks on the large outdoor grounds meet the elementary school students' need for exercise. In the morning, the elementary school provides 6 hours of reliable instruction with regularly supervised breakfast. At noon, the children have the opportunity to eat lunch together in the cafeteria. Afterwards, homework supervision is offered for all classes. The morning lessons are supplemented by a comprehensive range of afternoon work groups (AGs).

Annual highlights of elementary school life are project days, excursions, field trips, reading competitions and German and Iranian festivals.

At the end of elementary school, a recommendation for the school career is made. A smooth transition to the lower secondary level is achieved through close cooperation between the supervising teachers and the close proximity of the school grounds.


                Head of primary:

                     J. Claassen