For many children, kindergarten is the first larger community with rules and opportunities for contact that they experience outside the family. The goal of our work is to promote the children and their development individually, holistically and according to their age and to educate them to become independent and socially capable personalities. We strive to introduce the children very quickly to the social interaction of the kindergarten groups.

Kindergarten children who have no or only very insufficient knowledge of German take part in DaF (German as a foreign language) lessons. In addition to the daily language bath, children from the age of three are offered targeted language support. For this purpose, the groups are divided according to age and language level.

The kindergarten is oriented towards the following educational areas, which are also anchored in the Quality Framework for Kindergartens and Preschools of the Central Office for the School System Abroad (ZFA).

  • Personality education
  • Linguistic education
  • Mathematical education
  • Natural science education
  • Musical and artistic education
  • Motor education
  • Health education
  • Media education

The kindergarten accepts children between the ages of 3 and 6 in the kindergarten and preschool groups and is run as an all-day facility with lunch. A detailed schedule provides the necessary structure for the children's daily play and learning activities.

Through a varied choice of topics, the lessons are interesting and open to children of all nations, whose cultural differences are seen as a complement and enrichment to the German culture.

Parental cooperation is desired and encouraged. A harmonious and goal-oriented cooperation for the benefit of the children shapes the character and intensity of the relationship with the parents.


  • Anis Berry
  • Anahita Esmailzadeh
  • Mina Ghanei
  • Maryam Karimi
  • Parastou Jahangiri Damirchi
  • Jasmine Shadlou
  • Naghmeh Taghizadeh


      Head of Kindergarten:

              Petra Baghai