Secondary level I

The secondary level I comprises the grades 5 - 10.

Grade 5 is run as an orientation level assigned to the Gymnasium. The orientation stage serves as a preparation, support and differentiation with regard to the placement in the secondary school forms after grade 5: Gymnasium, Realschule, Hauptschule. In regular orientation level conferences, the learning development of the students is observed and measures for individual support are discussed so that a school career decision can be made at the end of grade 5.

From grade 6 on, the school essentially follows grammar school learning objectives. Realschule and Hauptschule students are included in the Gymnasium classes on a differentiated basis and receive special support according to their needs and the requirements of the curriculum.

From grades 5-8, the school offers remedial English or French classes for new students as needed, as well as remedial German classes for students whose native language is not German.

In grades 5 - 10, the timetable is continuously expanded to include subjects that are increasingly academic in nature. The intermediate level prepares students for the special requirements of the upper secondary level by teaching and applying methodological and subject-related skills. The students' linguistic and intercultural competencies are promoted through bilingual instruction (German/English) in the subjects of art from grade 1 and physics and geography from grade 9.

Grade 10 is of particular importance. For Realschule students, it is the conclusion of their school career; for Gymnasium students, it is the first introductory phase of the Gymnasiale Oberstufe.


Head of level: Mrs. Omidi

nuschin omidi

• Ms. Davarpanah
• Mr. Frank
• Ms. Götting
• Dr. Hayatshahi
• Mr. Hinz
• Mr. Kasmaee
• Mr. Leyers
• Mr. Mazaheri
• Mr. Mohebbi
• Ms. Mozaffari
• Dr. Müller
• Ms. Omidi
• Hr. Pröm
• Mr. Razmara
• Ms. Schulze
• Mr. Seeliger
• Ms. Sturm
• Ms. Willmann
• Mr. Windmeier