Secondary Level II

The gymnasiale Oberstufe comprises grades 10 - 12.

Class 10 forms the introductory phase, and classes 11 and 12 the qualification phase. It is concluded with the final examination, which corresponds to the German International Abitur and entitles the student to unrestricted access to higher education. The subjects German, English, and Mathematics are taught at a higher level of difficulty. Due to the size of the school, classes in the qualification phase are not taught in a course system, but in class groups. The emphasis of the upper school is on the students' personal responsibility and a high quality of work. This includes self-motivation, concentration, time management, the acquisition of materials and information, the use of appropriate aids as well as exam and work preparation.


Head of Level: Ms. Willmann


• Mr. Frank
• Ms. Götting
• Mr. leyers
• Dr. Müller
• Ms. Omidi
• Mr. Pröm
• Mr. Seeliger
• Ms. Sturm
• Ms. Willmann
• Mr. Windmeier