The DBST Alumni are our former students who represent a valuable part of our school’s history and with whom we would like to maintain ongoing contact. Since the establishment of the German School in Iran in 1907, many graduates have continued their studies in Germany and later held important administrative positions in Iran or actively contributed to the technical development of their homeland. They have played and continue to play a crucial role in the history, identity, and success of our school. Their accomplishments in various fields, whether in science, culture, business, or society, are evidence of the excellent education they received here. We are proud of how our former students carry the values and knowledge they acquired here into the world.

The “Friends of the German Schools Tehran” association supports a strong alumni community and promotes connections between former students and the school. Through this network, we can share knowledge, experiences, and opportunities that benefit our current students and graduates. The alumni of the German School Tehran are an integral part of our community, and we are always committed to strengthening these ties and expanding our connection with alumni further.