Welcome to our school library!

Our school is proud to house a treasure trove of knowledge and imagination – our vibrant and colorful school library. With a rich selection of German, English and Persian books, our library offers not only knowledge, but also countless opportunities to immerse yourself in vibrant worlds that inspire the imagination of our students. Each book in our collection has been carefully selected to spark the curiosity and thirst for knowledge of our learners.

Our school library is more than just a collection of books, it is the heart of our school, a place that fosters a love of reading and learning. We invite all members of our school community to share in this place of discovery and magic, and to explore the wonderful world of knowledge and imagination together.

Some Highlights:

  • Collection well above international standards on books-to-kids ratios
  • Extensive collection of digital resources
  • Three collection rooms tailored to ages and languages
  • Creative reading nooks to encourage reading
  • Visiting guest readers, book theme days, reading competitions, and book swap.
  • Students are encouraged to visit the library and borrow books outside of class times.